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  • I have been practicing power yoga at the Akshar power yoga academy, Hebbal for the last 10 months. The center is well designed, spacious and well equipped. It has been a wonderful new experience and I have been enjoying it since then. It has improved my flexibility, strength and stamina. Initially the classes were a bit challenging but by being regular and with the expert guidance from instructors at the Hebbal center, I started enjoying the classes. Now I don’t feel like missing even a single class. It has improved my immunity towards allergic cold which would affect me every month. Now I rarely get this cold. Now power yoga has become a part of my daily life and I would like to keep continuing. I would like to thank all the staff for having made this experience very enjoyable.

    • N Dhananjay
    • Senior Engineer (Image Understanding Group)
    • UURMI Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • My name is Anuradha and I have been attending regular yoga classes at your Hebbal Branch for the last four and a half months. The classes are very good and I can see a marked change in me both physically and psychologically. Each day here is very different. On some days the workout is very intense while on other days there is focus on stretches. On the whole I have become more flexible. My migraine headaches have reduced greatly and there is a general sense of physical, mental and emotional well being. Yoga has become such an important part of my life now and I don't like to skip even one class.
    Thank you Akshar Power Yoga.

    • Anuradha Rajagopalan
    • Freelancer
  • Me and my family are big fans and supporters of APY. It offers a whole new dimension in bringing together well being, spirituality, social responsibility and community. Kudos to Akshar and his band of dedicated staff for their passion and commitment. Cheers.Anil

    • Mr. Anil Valluri
    • President – India & SAARC at NetApp
  • Hi! All I want to say is though I have attended very few classes at Akshar Yoga, its always an enlightening experience everytime I am there. I have met Master Akshar once and it was amazing experience. He comes across as a very balanced and extremely composed human being. I love being associated with Akshar Yoga. I am sure I am going to be associated with you for ever because I am fitness enthusiast myself. Lots and lots of love stay as warm as you all are always. Thank you.

    • Sanjjanaa
    • Actress
  • Akshar Yoga Kalyanagar has been a great journey for me with regards yoga that included building strength and focus. When i left my previous yoga class to which i was attached dearly; I knew to get the same enthusiastic atmosphere would not be easy. But, APY came as a surprise to me. From day 1 I enjoyed the classes with Gaurav sir and others. I enhanced and build my dedication towards Yoga. Now this institute is like family to me.

    • Samia Sharief
  • I have started Yoga class since June 2016, My weight has been lost around 4kg and Cholesterol figures is getting low.(blood test).I feel at peace after Yoga & will definitely continue to do it in the future.
    My Yoga Teacher 1.John・・・He is teaching us many variety of Yoga pose kindly and politely.He motivates us very good.Teacher grade 10 out of 10. My achievement of class 6 to 7 out of 10
    2.Jatin・・・He is teaching us different methods from John.He is focusing on more powerful type of Yoga, but it is very hard to catch up with his class. Teacher grade 10 out of 10. My achievement of class 5 to 6 out of 10

    • Akira Hirano
    • Managing Director
    • Hitachi Koki India Private Limited
  • Weight! was such a weighty issue that constantly kept bugging me. The aerobics and gym workouts that i had enrolled, got boring. I stopped all these and just stuck to walking and jogging. In between, the APY ads caught my attention and one fine day I called the centre and checked about it. A trial class was all it took me to make up my mind and I enrolled for a 2 month program. After this there was no looking back. I happened to see results wherein my body began to tone in about a month or so. It's a year now in APY and I am glad I took this decision. Here under the guidance of my guru Jatin Sir, I learnt a lot in Yoga. The correct way to perform aasanas, body balancing, and breathing right. With pranayama, I completely got rid of my constant sneezing due to allergy. Yoga is now a part of my life. This indeed has been a fabulous journey for me. Apart from weight loss, I have got rid of all those extra inches, built a lot of stamina and flexibility. Jatin Sir ensures that each individual is learning and benefiting from the class. His sessions although are intense but are interesting and will keep the enthusiasm to learn more and perform better. I am happy to be associated with APY.

    • Sandhya Rao
    • Technical Writer
  • I, Shama Arun currently working as a Power yoga instructor and consultant dietician /nutritionist .I remember the day when I decided to become a professional yoga instructor and the next step was to enroll for the Teachers Training Course at Akshar Power Yoga Academy , Hebbal. Training under the able guidance of Jatin sir was indeed a life changing experience.He is a strict disciplinarian, extremely passionate about his work. He is Dynamic , extremely talented in Power Yoga and strength training .He gives his 100% when he is involved in work. Today I'm successfully conducting yoga classes and the credit goes to jatin sir .He has been very supportive throughout the training program and always motivating......Thank you sir.

    • Shama Arun
  • I have been associated with APY since a year and half. The energy, enthusiasm and harmony they bring into their classes is just wonderful. On leaving the studio, after power yoga class, the onward energy we carry entire day is phenomenal. APY has changed my attitude towards life. A special thanks to Jatin whose classes have empowered me with so much of energy, strength and positive vibes that be it personal or professional aspect of my life, I always welcome them with smiles and passion.The creativity and variations he brings to the asanas are amazing. Grateful to be part of APY and I look forward to much more in the future.

    • Divya
    • Software Engg. - Target
  • Firstly I am very happy about Akshar Guruji and his classes. As you all know I got introduced to yoga through my father. In my childhood I was not passionate towards yoga but later I wanted to start my yoga journey and I joined Akshar Yoga Academy and I am very happy with the classes conducted here. Yoga is not just doing Surya Namaskar and Asanas very slowly, there is a technique behind everything. Yoga is very good for health, to build Humility power, increase flexibility and to strengthen core muscles. Practising yoga is not that easy as you all see, there are many things to learn under this. I started just few months back and I am already seeing the benefits of it in my body and my life. Yoga is practised more in outside countries than in India, we should encourage many people in India to Practise yoga. I would like to thank Akshar Guruji and other instructors of Akshar Yoga

    • Puneeth Rajkumar
    • Movie Superstar
  • Twenty days before I joined Aksar power yoga@KalyanNagar .it's really good in terms of controlling all emotions and increasing an improving confidence levels day by day's simply superb. Finally my yoga guru MS.Sangeetha Lakshmi gives great support to learn quick and fast ..she really understands the students needs . ..thanks..

    • Krishna
    • District manager
    • Domino's pizza
  • I am student of Sangeetha Laksmi madam .Sangeethaji is very methodical in approach . Her routine is well defined in the beginning of week itself . This helped me in knowing what to expect and how I can improve . Am at beginner stage and have started to feel good about my body and mind as well as surprised with what I am achieving . hope to continue and grow myself through Akshara .

    • Sachin
    • chief manager
    • kotak group
  • I joined the class in month of October but results were great...I lost almost 2 kg, also feeling more energetic, also the trainer gave me a lot of inputs what to eat how to manage my routine some basic tips and which were helpful, I was able to do various asanas was one big achievement as I never thought I can do it, my period for regular and on time, m more active than. Before These are the major changes

    • Falguni Kabutarwala
    • homemaker
  • This is Manvi Dham. I come to Akshar power yoga classes held in Kalyan nagar from 6 to 7 the morning. I have been asked about a feedback on the same. The class is held by Ms Sangeetha. As far as my experience is concerned, I find it very useful for physical fitness and mental stability. It boosts up one's stamina to a great extent. I had been practicing it a couple of years back too. The teacher, Ms Sangita, seems to be a very experienced one and the flow in which she runs the one hour class is excellent. She knows when to go slow, when fast, and how much break to be given between 2 aasanas. In short she balances it all very well. She gives personal attention to everyone which is much appreciated. Being a mother to a 10 months old daughter, I am not as regular as I would like to be, but still will continue to attend as many classes as I can. Thanks

    • Manvi Dham
    • Housewife
  • I Began my Yoga Journey in 2011 at Akshar Yoga Academy. Since then Akshar Yoga has gradually grown on me. I completed my Basic and Intermediate Teacher Training Course in 2012 under the excellent guidance of our Grand Master Akshar. I always felt physically and mentally content after every class and noticed how my stamina, health and flexibility had positively improved through the course. Akshar Yoga has certainly transformed my life, physically, mentally and spiritually. Learning to balance through the beautiful transitional flow of asanas, I have definitely gained a sense of awareness in my life. On a deeper level it has enabled me to channelize my energies and helped me to connect within. Today, I am deeply dedicated to my regular practice of Akshar Yoga ..embracing myself in the moment with all my heart in every session …Akshar Yoga has now become a ‘way of life’ for me.

    • Naina Shetty
    • Director, Narayana Nethralaya
  • Practicing yoga daily has changed my life. APY has given me a different way to be and stay fabulous. Thanks to Gaurav Sir for making us look and feel good.

    • Farha Nazar