The foundation of Akshar Power Yoga’s style is Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Akshar Power Yoga flows are based on these traditional Vinyasas and are presented in a structured form, where in the order in which the asanas are practiced has been carefully selected by Grand Master Akshar to maximize one’s stamina and flexibility. The APY structure, also known as the Akshar Power Yoga formulas for weight loss, flexibility and stamina, is a blend of traditional Yoga asanas that are practiced in a flow with breath awareness. These are designed keeping the modern lifestyle in mind, where one is constantly struggling with stress, anxiety, pollution, odd working hours etc. Thus the way one is led into the asana practice becomes essential. They have to be carefully and gradually guided in and out of the asana, their progress has to be monitored and accordingly the difficulty level of the practice has to be adjusted.

At Akshar Power Yoga, we believe that instead of directly jumping into a deeper practice of asana, one has to train the body and mind for increased awareness, both physically and internally. One has to build a relationship with one’s body and mind, build their immunity, build their stamina, boost mental health and deepen their breathing practice. With a regular practice of this unique step-by-step Akshar Power Yoga flow, one will begin to experience all these benefits that are essential for a Yogic experience.