How to Practice:
· Sit in full-squat position keeping your feet hip-distance apart
· Lean forward and walk your hands backwards so that palms align behind the feet
· Palm should rest firmly on a brick or floor
· Thighs should be placed on upper arms
· Slowly look forward and shift your weight backwards
· Inhale, tighten your abdominal muscles and raise both feet from the ground
· Slowly try to straighten both your knees (for beginners – stretch one leg at a time while keeping the balance with other leg)
· Hold the posture for 30 seconds
· Repeat 3-4 times

· This posture boosts the flow of energy across the body
· Stimulates the nervous system and respiratory system
· Strengthens arms, back and stomach muscles
· Massages the internal abdominal organs
· Removes stiffness as spine is stretched up to the tail-bone
· Enhances concentration, inner focus and sense of balance
· Regular practice of this asana brings endurance, lightness and feeling of euphoria

Need to perform under guidance.
Do not attempt this asana if you are suffering from shoulder, elbow or lower back injuries.

Tittibhasana Variation