Wondering what New Year Resolution to make? Join the Akshar Power Yoga team and make a resolution to transform yourself into a healthier person and ensure that 2014 is filled with good health, peace, and happiness. We are often asked by prospective members as to how long will it take before they begin to see changes in their physical appearance. They worry if it would take more than couple of weeks or a month and what after a month? Will they get back to being their old self after they stop the classes?

And we tell them… to try and find someone who has stopped classes at Akshar Power Yoga Academy and has also stopped practicing Yoga! Our experience tells us that there is no one! Once you have enrolled at Akshar Power Yoga Academy, you are sure to transform into a person who prioritizes health over anything else. You are bound to inculcate the habit of exercising, breathing, and eating right. It all happens over a period of time but the results last forever, as they are not limited to your physical appearance alone! A regular practice will also reflect in your daily routine and the way you think. So stop worrying about how long it might take! Rather, just go with the flow and see how each day in the class is better than the previous day, as your body and mind begin to listen to you and lead you in and out of flows that gradually transform you into a person you love being – at peace with yourself and with others.