Trust and Integrity plays an important role in any source of lives. As we move through the phases of life trust becomes the major essence in the ability to follow our intuition and to leap through our radical thoughts. We live in a culture that promotes fear and pain – just watch the nightly news if you doubt this idea.

Lack of trust and integrity occupies a deep fear in your heart and brings you to chaotic conditions to step ahead with anything that you may want to do. It certainly does hampers your living and potential growth. Your mind will always tend to question the ability of making choices and you’ll lose the sight of what you actually want.

You will start asking yourself ….
Am I saying no due to fear of pain?
Am I afraid of this? Why?
What does my intuition (my gut feeling) say about this?

So, why bother in the first place? Yoga brings magical benefits and gives you the power to strengthen your faith and integrity. You just might be surprised at the treasure that awaits you there when you practice power yoga.

It’s that trust of experience that comes to light when practicing power yoga allows the yogi to shed new layers and boldly dive deeper into the self, the breath, the spirit. How many times have we heard our Grand Master Akshar say, “Do Good…and goodness will follow you” is famous for repeating that phrase when his students would pepper him with questions.


As you practice power yoga the faith on Yoga and oneself is increased. Ultimately, you will witness the tremendous change in your life when you receive this divine bliss. Then through that family, many more families will be touched and transformed. Power yoga practitioners have experienced this magical joy One by one, everybody were enlightened by this divine light and their faith increased. Pretty soon, the minds which were till then filled with full of strife, confusion and chaos turned into a peaceful and happy faces.

When you hold fast to faith, the Power yoga is able to bring reformation and revival among your family, friends and relatives by making the power of integrity work in their lives.

What we learn in yoga is so much more holistic and healing. Once you learn to practice power yoga the fear and pain, to breathe with it, to acknowledge it and stay with it, even while your mind is urging you to get out — the pain can lessen, the muscles can lengthen and you can bring space to a place within your being that was bound or even stuck one breath ago. When you finally trust your body and your intuition that they are sending you the right messages and you pay attention to those messages, great freedom of mind, body and spirit can be found.

So practice power yoga and you start developing this radical trust within yourself.