How to practice:

·         Stand upright with feet together and hands by your side; calm your mind and body.

·         Plant feet firmly on ground with body weight equally on both legs and straightened back receiving energies from Mother Earth

·         Slowly shift body weight on right leg and with strong balance bend left knee as you raise your leg up (knee in line with hip)

·         Hold your left heel with left hand on the inner-side of the knee

·         Keep your back neutral and shoulders relaxed as much as your body permits

·         Pause to find a balance, now extend your left foot forward and straighten your knee if you can

·         Gently move your extended leg to the left keeping both legs straight and right foot firmly pressed on the ground

·         Raise your right hand out towards the right side

·         Retain soft breath and gaze; filling your heart with gratitude

·         Hold this position for 30 seconds.

·         Slowly release hand and foot.

·         Relax and come into the starting position.

·         Change the leg and hold the position for 30 seconds for completion of one cycle.

·         Soft breathing throughout the practice.

·         Perform 3-4 cycles.


·         Helps increase flexibility in lower body

·         Promotes the deepening of respiration

·         Releases stiffness around shoulders and arms

·         Strengthens ankles and leg muscles

·         Tones the pelvic and hip region

·         Balances the nervous system

·         Develops self awareness and mental concentration

·         Improves posture and stretches the spine

·         Prepares mind and body for advance practices of body balance

Caution – Perform this asana slowly and gently with strong body balance. Yogis suffering from lumbar disc injuries and high blood pressure should be cautious while performing the posture.

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