How to practice:

  • Stand in Samasthiti, feet together and spine elongated
  • Tense your leg muscles and pull knee caps in.
  • Exhale and bend forward from thoracic vertebrae such that upper body comes parallel to the ground
  • Extend your calf muscles and balance your weight on both feet
  • Stretch and raise your right leg with inhale in line with pelvis
  • As you exhale stretch arms outside with the shoulder line
  • Be aware that both the knees are straight
  • Now look forward keeping your back straight, maintaining the natural curve of the back
  • Do not strain your neck and shoulders
  • Beginners can use blocks to support their hands and press the outstretched leg firmly against a wall
  • To complete the cycle repeat with other leg
  • Repeat the cycle 2-3 times and hold the pose longer for better benefits


  • Asana stretches shoulder and chest muscles
  • Makes spine supple and flexible
  • Energizes the entire body relieving of physical tiredness or fatigue
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Instills the sense of equilibrium
  • Develops muscular coordination and nervous balance
  • Sharpens the mind and increases mental strength to fight stress

Caution – People with lower back problem, heart problems or high blood pressure should not do this asana.

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