Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to rid the body of excessive fat. When our body gains weight, it starts feeling uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unattractive. A great way to prevent or even reverse the weight gain is by practicing the various forms of cardiovascular workout. Like its name suggests, a cardiovascular workout is any activity that stimulates your heart (cardio) to increase its rate of activity so that freshly oxygenated blood can flow through your blood vessels (vascular pathways). Another popular name for such exercises is Aerobics, and these can include running, jumping ropes, swimming, and circuit training, etc.

One of the most effective ways of achieving fat loss is by running. The amount of calories lost during running can vary by intensity of the run and the inherent metabolism of your body, and this can further be dependent on the running terrain. For example, running on hilly roads has a greater impact towards weight loss since there is enhanced cardiac activity during the periods of uphill running. As your body is being pushed against gravity, your heart pumps at a faster rate so that fresh blood can flow through the body and provide the needed nourishment.

Jumping rope is another great way to burn fat. This fun childhood activity works wonders on all the extra weight on the body. In recent times, boot camps have become popular as a weight loss routine. Boot camps are energetic, power packed sessions that are usually conducted outdoors with a large group of people. These sessions include calisthenics such as pushups, duck walks, lunges, etc.  Typically, these routines are performed in short and intense bursts and are designed so that anybody with little or no skills can participate. The large groups ensure that everybody is motivated during the routines and quick changing exercises keep you interested throughout the session. An added benefit of such routines is that the entire body gets worked out and refreshed.

Overall, engaging in cardiovascular exercises leads to quicker weight loss, a healthy heart, and increased respiratory function. Regular aerobic exercise leads to a strong heart muscle, lowers blood pressure, and allows your heart to function efficiently while reducing the risk of heart disease. Cardio should be made a regular part of your fitness program to ensure a long and healthy life.