In today’s world, women are not only playing the role of carers and guardians of family but are also busy managing offices and industries. They are constantly juggling between their personal and professional lives, multitasking, competing and leading in all fields, be it domestic or corporate life, rural or urban surroundings or even national and international platforms. With more and more women donning new roles and taking up challenging responsibilities, there has also been an increase in the level of stress, anxiety and other health related problems in women.

Today, one will find numerous programs that aim at educating women about their rights and also training them in life-skills. However, true empowerment is that which not only makes one more confident and aware, but also teaches them to reflect, find solutions, stay calm, embrace happiness and make peace with themselves, others and their surroundings.

Irrespective of a woman’s profession, age or background, be it sports, medical, engineering, IT or even that of a care-taker, a daughter or a wife, the practice of Yoga has helped millions of women discover physical and emotional balance as well as self-acceptance.

Sound sleep, glowing skin, more feel-good moods, appreciation for one’s body, deeper understanding on one’s emotions especially when struggling with PMS symptoms and menopause, maintaining hormonal balance, etc are a few benefits of a regular practice.

Akshar Power Yoga Academy wishes all its members a very Happy Women’s Day and invites you to join us in our journey of Women Empowerment!