Infertility is a major issue that young couples have to deal with. Stressful lifestyle, busy work schedule, incorrect postures, unhealthy diet, etc. all result in physiological and psychological distress and all this makes it difficult for one to conceive.

Yoga is not a substitute for your medical treatment; however, research shows that the practice of Yoga has helped many to develop patience, positivity, good health, and a calm mind. Because of these changes, one begins to heal the mind and body internally and improve their chances of conception.

There are various postures that directly affect the endocrine system and result in hormonal balance. It is essential that you first practice these under an expert’s guidance. Regular practice will stimulate hormone-producing glands, may clear blockages in reproductive glands, improve blood circulation and release toxins, release muscle tension and most importantly, reduce stress levels and bring peace.

One must also follow pranayam and meditation regularly to develop a sense of acceptance and awareness. This practice will not only help you in conception but also aid you during pregnancy and delivery, as it prepares you mentally and physically. It is proven that couples who give at least 3-4 hours a week to Yoga have not only experienced positive results in conception, but seen miraculous changes in their lifestyle that has helped them strengthen their relationship and evolve as better human beings.