Yoga and fun might sound ironical but the fact is Yoga can be a lot of fun, for you and your loved ones! Yoga teaches us to live a joyful life, free from pain and sufferings. It nurtures us to become better human beings. Bringing this awareness into our daily practice will change your perspective of Yoga. It makes it that of self-acceptance and joy and not that of competition and frustration.

Yoga can be practiced with family and friends at home, in a park, on the beach, in the pool or on the streets! Yoga can be practiced anywhere at anytime. Whether you are at home, work-place or on a holiday, a dose of Yoga will always prepare you for what is coming.

If you think Yoga is slow and boring, drop into Akshar Power Yoga Classes which offer a mix of Vinyasas and formulas that can be both fun and challenging. Clubbed with music and dynamic flows, APY classes will hep you discover the hidden inner-strength and joy. Seeing the world upside down on headstands, managing your entire body weight on two hands, twisting and bending your body in and out of postures that you never thought you could get into, noticing the positive changes in your body and attitude, discovering a new aspect of yourself with every practice, are all experiences of your fun Yogic journey.