It is every individual’s birth right to be happy all the time. That is the true nature of our inner self. However, our daily life, experiences, our actions and reactions to situations, all drive us away from our true self as we begin to look outward and let short-lived situations and emotions affect our permanent state of being, our Spirit. Yoga teaches us to unite our mind, body and spirit, our outer and inner-self. When we connect with our true self and when we are in sync with our subtle energies, we experience a state of bliss, a state of calmness and absolute happiness, as we refrain from seeking and are happy in just being.


As we progress with our practice, become more stable and calm when holding an asan, we begin to let go of the struggle and begin to receive the healing energies and peace for our body and mind. It is this state of happiness that stays with us through the day and slowly, with practice and experience we learn how to stay in this state forever.