It is the practice of Yoga that makes one aware of the gradual and positive changes that take place on the outer body as well as on the inner system. It is the numerous health benefits, calmness of the mind and a state of optimism that intrigues the practitioner and draws them closer to Yoga. The practice of Yoga thus stays with the person for a lifetime. One eventually learns how not to be a slave to the restless mind and emotions and masters the art of being present in the moment and look inward, being able to connect with their Spirit or higher conscience. It is similar to being in the transformative state of meditation, aware, alert, yet calm and undisturbed.


Asanas and Pranayam prepare you for the transcendental state by removing all the toxins from within and channelizing the hidden energies in your body and mind. By flushing out all the impurities, you become rid of all negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy, stress and anger. With this heightened state of awareness and understanding of one’s emotions, one is constantly filled with compassion for others and remains positive in any given situation. One becomes a magnet for love and abundance, always attracting more good and making positive impact on others and the world at large.