A regular practice of Yoga can aid in healing many types of digestive problems, especially that of gastritis and acidity which are most common and are usually caused by unhealthy eating and sleeping habits, smoking and drinking or even because of emotional stress. Gastritis and acidity can further lead to heart problems, arthritis, vomiting, ulcers, poor appetite, etc.

It thus becomes essential to maintain a strong and healthy digestive system. Apart from practicing Yoga on a daily basis one also has to keep a check on their diet. Eating at regular intervals is more beneficial than starving yourself between two to three meals a day. Cutting down on caffeine intake, smoking, drinking will certainly help but increasing the intake of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables is also compulsory.

Two main Yoga asanas for reducing flatulence are the Child Pose – Balasana and Wind Relieving Pose – Pavanmuktasana. They compress the abdominal region and enable gas pass naturally. For those suffering from digestive problems, it is recommended you practice these asanas daily and also hold them for a longer time. Sitting in Vajrasanas -Thunderbolt Pose, immediately after meals is also very beneficial.

These asanas are regularly practiced in Akshar Power Yoga classes as they make one’s practice easy, effective and also helps one relax. We also provide diet counseling for those who wish to follow a Yogic diet for best results.