In today’s world of social media and virtual networking, the pressure to look good and presentable is more than ever. But is external beauty alone enough to help you lead a happy and healthy life? The answer is certainly a big NO. If one is not in peace with the real self, soon it begins to reflect in one’s personality, in their relationships, and their behavior. On the other hand, if one is strong from within, pure and calm, there is no challenge big enough to stop them from leading a happy life.


Glowing skin and toned body are a few advantages of Yoga, but the bigger benefit is the inner peace that helps you shine from within. It is not only the physical energy that increases but one will also experience a build up in their mental energy. To begin with, practice of asanas alone can help you experience these changes and gradually, when you think your body and mind are prepared for longer hours of stillness and silence, you can begin the practice of pranayam and meditation to deepen the connection of your body and soul. Akshar Power Yoga Academy is conducting special sessions on meditation, called Monance Mandala Meditation, every weekend. We encourage all practitioners who have been regular with their physical work-out to come and join us in our transcendental mediation and embark on a journey that will help you discover a new you.