The practice of Yoga helps you learn humility and express gratitude. It all begins from you, the way you look at yourself. Just like how you see a glass of water, half empty? Or half full? With practice, you will realize that if you do not respect your body and appreciate it, you will continue to struggle with all the asanas. The moment you acknowledge your body and accept its limitations, your mind will begin to guide your body in the right direction. In time, you begin to appreciate yourself and feel grateful for things and situations that have helped you grow. You stop looking at difficulties as a hindrance, rather you embrace it as a tool that will help you evolve.

Yoga helps you open your heart and get a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions. You don’t just smile to express your gratitude, but you genuinely feel it from within. Similarly, your outlook towards the world begins to change as well. You have always known that there are a few things you value most, like your parents or even mother nature, but you seldom remember to express your gratefulness. But Yoga will mold you into someone who is always filled with compassion and humility. Externally, it shapes you and internally, it detoxes you, empties you of all the impurities and puts your mind at ease. Your ego takes a back seat and you open up to receive all the goodness life has to give you. Patience, gratitude, love, happiness, are all things we can not develop through our skills but can easily find them through the practice of Yoga.