The Yoga Sutra of Sage Patanjali constitutes the foundation of most of the Yogic philosophy that is followed or referred to today and dates back to a time period between 100 BCE and 500 CE. Sage Patanjali divides the text into four chapters or pada, containing all 196 Sutras. The four chapters are divided in the order of the following:

• Samadhi Pada – a state where once achieves citta vritti nirodha or cessation of fluctuations in mind
• Sadhana Pada – where emphasis is given to the discipline and practice and Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga are explained
• Vibhuti Pada – a state where manifestation of super powers is experienced
• Kaivalya Pada – where the ultimate goal of liberation or moksha is achieved

It is essential for a true Yogi to refer and learn from these ancient scriptures so as to enhance their level of practice. In Akshar Power Yoga’s International Teacher Training, Grand Master Akshar throws light on these ancient scriptures and discusses the significance of the sutras and the overall Yogic Philosophy so that you can take your practice beyond the level of physical fitness to a more comprehensive, holistic, and transcendental level.