“Teacher is that divine soul who lights himself to light the world”.

Teaching yoga carries a great deal of responsibility. Yoga teacher is connected with the student emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Once this connection is established, the teacher needs to impart learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Yoga teacher is always bound by ethical standards and professional behavior. Ethical guidelines are laid out in our yogic texts like Bhagwad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. According to Patanjali, yogis need to follow ‘Yamas’ and ‘Niyamas’. Yamas preach social discipline and Niyamas are directed towards one-self. Bhagwad Gita teaches us the importance of selfless action. As a yoga teacher, one needs to demonstrate these ethical guidelines in daily life.

Yoga teacher’s responsibility is not limited to the class. He/she needs to play the role of a mentor besides being thoroughly professional. Yoga teacher also plays the role of counselor and ensures a healthy body & mind for students.

Yoga teacher wears the crown of humbleness. Yoga teachers’ roles & responsibilities extend towards the entire society on the whole. He/she is a transformer who can bring the change in society. The teacher is above caste, creed and religion. He/she is a person who is spiritually awakened & uplifts the society.

TRUTH, COMPASSION, HONESTY, AND INTEGRITY are the ornaments of a yoga teacher.

Yoga teacher