When the clock starts ticking and you add another year to your life journey, you also begin to take notice of those extra lines on your face and discover a painful muscle or joint often in this changing phase of your life. Mostly, the process of aging makes one worry, increasing their stress levels and their visits to the Doctor. However, life is pleasantly different for those who choose Yoga as their partner for life! A regular practice of Yoga has the power to not only cease your aging process but also reverse it.

Reduced stress levels is one of the biggest advantage as a result of which, not only external changes such as a wrinkle-free and glowing skin are visible, but also numerous internal changes begin to make you feel younger and stronger. To mention a few, the practice reduces or eradicates chronic pains such as knee or back pain, helps you keep your memory in check and mind sharp, keeps your heart healthy, maintains your muscle power and agility, keeps a check on your sugar levels and BP, helps you sleep like a baby, maintains your body weight and one can go on and on!

Apart from these visible and physiological benefits, the relationship that Yoga helps you build with your self and your surrounding, will go a long way in helping you stay connected with your true nature, which is more humble and ever grateful. At Akshar Power Yoga Academy, we stress on the fact that each practitioner, irrespective of their age or level of flexibility, makes an earnest attempt to listen to their body and respect it. Accepting the circumstances as they are is one of the biggest lessons Yoga can teach you. With this new-found attitude, you learn to remain calm and embrace peace. This is only the beginning of your holistic journey!