Anxiety and depression often are two sides of the same coin, and today, almost everyone falls prey to these unhealthy mindsets at some point or another. Neglect of mental health will soon begin to reflect in one’s lifestyle and outlook on life, affecting his/her eating habits, physical appearance, relationships, social and professional life, etc. So where does one begin to make positive changes? Should changes first be made to one’s physical habits or should one first work on their attitude?

Physiological and Psychological effects are directly linked with each other and the practice of Yoga helps you restore physical and emotional balance. The practice of asanas helps you increase your focus and stay in the present moment and deep breathing does not only calm you down but also builds your inner awareness. Together they help you detox and flush out impurities. This helps you understand the connection between your body and mind, teaches you to contemplate on your reaction to certain circumstances and gives you the strength to respond with compassion.

We at Akshar Power Yoga Academy, have received feedback from our yogic practitioners that after weeks of practice they feel more confident about themselves. Apart from the physical changes, they have also noticed changes in their attitude. They feel that regular practice has helped them understand themselves better and develop a more positive attitude towards life. So don’t let depression and anxiety bog you down, instead let APY flows help you experience freedom and peace!