24 Kgs in 8 months! Yes! I did it! And you can do it too! After my first few classes at Akshar Power Yoga Academy, I realized that they are serious about helping me achieve my dream and that if I give in my 100% there is no reason why I can not get rid of the unwanted weight. It did take me a few classes to get over the urge of quitting; slight body-aches, laziness, inability to move faster in and out of asanas, all made me contemplate. But a week later, all my fears and doubts were conquered by confidence, discipline and motivation. I knew there was nothing I can not get my mind and body to do.

8 months later, I not only reached my ideal weight but also felt empowered and energized. My journey continues with much clarity and precision. I now teach at Akshar Power Yoga Academy and sincerely hope to reach out to those who are burdened with their health related issues.