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Akshar Yoga Level I Teachers Training Certification Program

Level One of the Akshar Yoga Teachers Training Program, unlike all the other professional yoga courses at the Academy, is open to all. The journey is apt for those practitioners who are looking to begin their journey of yoga in a serious manner. The teachers training program comes with an amalgamation of three elements: Pranayam, Meditation and Asanas. During the program, one can learn what it takes to be an Akshar Yoga teacher; the practitioner can fully accomplish the skills, knowledge and ability to construct a solid foundation of the Divine art. The curriculum is specially designed for anyone looking to deepen and to intensify their practice.


Course Details

50 Yoga Asanas : Performance to perfection for all the 50 asanas along with indepth understanding of the complete body anatomy with Yogic terminology.

5 Pranayamas : Prana is a subtle invisible force. It is the life-force that pervades the body. Yoga teaches how to still the mind through breath-control and attain higher state of awareness. The five breathing techniques focus on the subtle benefit of pranayam on the body and spirit and help us to understand the prana connectivity with the asanas.

10 Mudras : Learning transcendental and miraculous benefit of mudras with the practice on oneself.

3 Forms of Surya Namaskars : Sun salutation is the English translation for Surya Namaskara. It is obeisance to lord sun. It contributes to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.Ideal time to practice Surya Namaskara is at sunrise or sunset.

2 Forms of Chandra Namaskar : Chandra Namaskar is bowing to the peace and tranquility of the Moon. It is a reflection of Surya Namaskar, just as Moon is the reflection of the Sun. This should be practiced post sunset. The aim of practice should be relaxing the body, calming the mind and experiencing the soothing energy of the moon. Half cycle has 14 steps just as the moon has 14 lunar phases.

This comprises of the Core Strengthening Formula, Flexibility Formula and the Weight Management Formula

Core Strengthening Formula : This formula focuses on strengthening core muscle, tones shoulders, legs, and glutes. It helps in loosing excess fat around the belly. It opens shoulder blades, improves concentration and instills the feeling of confidence.

Flexibility Formula : It is a tested and proven formula of Grand Master Akshar, which helps in improving flexibility and making the body supple. It releases the stiffness from the muscles and instills mind with a feeling of freshness. It makes one more active and relieves body pains.

Weight Management Formula : It is scientifically designed and intelligently formulated flow by Grand Master Akshar, which  aims on shedding excess fat from body. This flow also helps to reduce fat around the internal organs. It energizes the body, mind and soul. This flow is a total body workout, in itself, resulting in improvement of posture, increased stamina and improved balance

Abhyas 1 & Abhyas 2 : Two different types of synchronised Vinyasa flow with combination of Asanas. This flow is a gentle, simple, graceful flow for all. Beginners with no previous experience of yoga can perform this flow.

Yoga Philosophy and Srimad Bhagavad Gita : Chapter 6: 10 Slokas – For a sound mind, sound philosophy is required and Bhagavad Gita is a must for all yogis. We understand Bhagvad Gita the way it is.

2 Meditation Techniques : Body, Mind and Soul go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, this section comprises of 2 Meditation Techniques focussing on the Transcendental and miraculous benefits of Meditation.

Mantra & Kirtans : For self empowerment, yogic kirtans and mantras are explained and practiced.

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