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Akshar Yoga Personal Training


Akshar Yoga Personal Training is a tailor-made course that perfectly suits your body type and physique.

Once you enroll for the Akshar Yoga personal training course, a senior yoga instructor examines some factors of your daily life such as energy levels, diet and sleeping patterns. After this, a team of head yoga instructors personally design your course, which includes pranayam, yoga and meditation. The head instructors also advise you to follow a certain training routine, you will be given consultation about your training hours, level of intensity and your diet.

This course is specifically made for people who wish to see an effective and healthy transformation in a shorter period of time.

Benefits of Personal Training:

Customised curriculum based on your body type.

Specially designed diet plans for to accomplish your goal.

Complete life style analysis and feedback.

Be it weight loss or be it yoga for athletes, APY Personal training focuses on bridging the gap from where you are currently to where you see yourself at.

Complete lifestyle analysis and feedback.

Ensuring implementation of the plan.

Fast- tracked process toward reaching your target since the rime is properly spent on strengthening areas that require work.

Evaluation of core strength and flexibility and asanas exclusively provided to maximise capacity.