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Flying Bird Yoga - The Aerial Yoga

Premise :

The virtue of everyday, utilitarian life is to keep our body and mind grounded with our spirits encased in our own inhibitions. To the true Yogic mind and body, all barriers are stepping stones, all obstacles are opportunities, all boundaries are gateways and all inhibitions are an incense of freedom.

Creation :

Flying Bird Yoga is a specialized form of Aerial Yoga designed and curated by Mahaguru Akshar of Akshar Yoga with the unique objective of releasing the body from the restrictions of the mind to experience the symptoms of freedom, levitation and space.

This brainchild of Mahaguru Akshar is a longstanding endeavor that conceptualized in the year 2013 and finally took flight after 4 years of intense research, development, testing, training and design. It is a serene amalgamation of futuristic concepts with ancient, historic techniques bound together to enhance the health and fitness of the body and expansion of the mind.

Characteristics :

Flying bird yoga aims to better appreciate and perform aasanas that are historically rooted in ancient traditions with the help of modern techniques and equipment solely created to facilitate the antigravitational movement of the human body.

The equipment primarily comprises of a hammock designed as a medium to help the body perform various aerial aasanas while achieving levels of floatation and levitation that are impossible under natural, circumstantial conditions.

Benefits :

The Flying Bird Yoga repertoire consists of various Aasanas that have been selected based on their Tattva, hue, aroma and tactile properties to most adequately suit the aerial nature of this yogic practice.

This stringent selection process has resulted in a series of aerial postures that focus on levitating the body to new heights and releasing the mind from self-inflicted restrictions. It’s design and development has resulted in a yogic regimen that can easily be performed by people of any level of fitness.


It helps in the mobilization of the body, enhancing core muscles, building strength in the limbs and betters flexibility while remaining suspended in air. A distinct characteristic of this yogic practice is the sense of levitation and freedom of the body while still remaining under complete control with the help of the devised suspension equipment.


The human mind is a cavern of self-restraint. The practice of these in-air suspended postures has proven to liberate the mind of its perceived restrictions for the capability of the body.  This triggers a sense of freedom, calmness, serenity and pushes the limits that the mind has set for itself and allows the body to further it’s experiences.

This practice comprises of various asanas and postures that are intended to ease the tensions of the mind and relax the body in a state only levitation can provide. It evolves  the subconscious mind to break its previously devised barriers and be more open to new challenges and truly enjoy the practice of yoga in a whole new dimension.

Yoga is the divine knowledge that is rooted in India and spreads across the world.  Innumerable are the ways in which this art is performed, experienced and enjoyed throughout the globe, as it self-evolves and innovates with time, place and circumstance.

With Flying Bird Yoga, we at Akshar Yoga are hopeful that this art form may benefit the health and happiness of yogis all over the planet as we endeavor to introduce this innovation to 16 nations worldwide, including France, Iran and Australia.

Wishing you Health, Peace and Happiness as you take flight.

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