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Grand Master Akshar

Akshar, popularly called Grand Master Akshar, is the founder of Akshar Yoga. He is noted amongst the leading yoga practitioners of the world; he travels extensively, learning and spreading the art of yoga. Akshar has been associated with yoga since his early childhood and has been practicing from the last twenty one years. Today at Akshar Yoga, Grand Master Akshar and his team train more than 250,000 students all over the world via both online and offline platforms. Grand master Akshar now has fourteen schools in the country under the Akshar Power Yoga banner.


Grand Master Akshar’s journey of yoga began at a very early stage of his life; he acquired the faculty of philosophy and yoga from his divine Masters from the steep mountains of the Himalayas. In a quest to hone his spiritual skills, Grand Master Akshar acquired a phenomenal amount of Yogic knowledge from his Gurus, impressing a number of Holy Saints and Teachers by his already existing intuitive powers and philosophical bend of mind. Furthermore, Grand Master Akshar has had the opportunity to learn and propagate yoga in its true form- he belongs to the oldest lineage of yoga.

Grand Master is highly respected and loved by his friends and by practitioners from all over the world. His greatness is revealed in his humility and kindness. His humor brings the greatest joy while embodying the most profound teachings. In order to adapt to the current generation, he has modified his teaching techniques and instils them with great love, compassion and sincerity.


Grand Master Akshar’s personality is beautifully reflected in his style of yoga- his charismatic aura, his wit and humour, his spiritual knowledge and his ability to explain even the most deep philosophical teachings in a simplistic manner is portrayed in his yoga methodology of leading and guiding us through complex asanas and meditation techniques, making it achievable to the practitioners.

Grand Master Akshar has truly changed the life of all his students, gifting them with a fulfilling state of health, wealth, happiness, positivity and abundance.

Grand Master Akshar is trained under 28 Masters.

3 Divine Personalities are guiding him personally.


Ishaputra "Kaulantaknath"


Maa Archa Murti Devi


Shri Pati Narasimha Bidyapati Mahapatra

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