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Regular Akshar Power Yoga Class


Akshar Power Yoga is a unique composition by Grand Master Akshar, created by him under the divine guidance of his Masters.
The sole purpose of Akshar Power Yoga is to enhance the human mind,body and spirit through an intricate blend of Various Yogic art forms in order to attain the zenith of human Strength and Power.
Akshar Power Yoga strives to help each individual connect to the power within them in order to achieve the apex of Physical , Mental and Emotional health and wellbeing.
With a vast array of intense Asana series and flows Masterfully designed and internationally acclaimed , Akshar Power Yoga's Weight loss and Fat loss Programmes are hailed for their magnanimous results in sculpting the Human body.
This form of Akshar Yoga was conceived bearing in mind the fast paced characteristics of the urban lifestyle.
It is the bridge that connects the metropolitan soul to the abode of divinity : " The Himalayas".

Benefits of Akshar Power Yoga


  • Tone and define your core and arm muscles
  • Increase your capacity to do more strength-based asanas
  • Boost your stamina
  • Increase your capacity to balance and hold asanas for long


  • Make your body more agile
  • Tone every part of your body to come in the perfect shape
  • Be very beneficial to dancers and athletes
  • Help you lead to having a body which is eligible for yogic kriyas and meditation
  • Promotes weight loss

Weight Management

  • Make you loose 3 Kgs within 15 days
  • Make you come to your healthy weight holistically
  • Help you feel light and agile
  • Burn your flab without leaving any stretch marks
  • Reach your targeted weight goal with specialized dietary plans and lifestyle oriented techniques

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