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Akshar Yoga Level I Teachers Training Certification Program

Level One of the Akshar Yoga Teachers Training Program, unlike all the other professional yoga courses at the Academy, is open to all. The journey is apt for those practitioners who are looking to begin their journey of yoga in a serious manner. The teachers training program comes with an amalgamation of three elements: Pranayam, Meditation and Asanas.

Akshar Yoga Level II Teachers Training Certification Program

Transcending into a higher level of yogic knowledge is accomplished by the Level two teachers training course provided by Akshar Yoga Academy. A prior experience of Yoga is required to be a part of this level. One of the most salient features of this course is that the practitioner completely comprehends the connection between the physical body, the energetic body and the spiritual body.

Akshar Yoga Level III Teachers Training Certification Program

Akshar yoga , the brainchild of Grand Master Akshar is a philanthropic effort to reconnect all humanity with its quintessential source "The Himalayas" through the divine art form of Yoga.
" If the Himalayas won't come to you, You must go to the Himalayas"
The resolution of Akshar Yoga is to create a canopy of multiple Yogic practices that aspire to help people burdened by metropolitan...

Akshar Power Yoga

Akshar Power Yoga is a unique composition by Grand Master Akshar, created by him under the divine guidance of his Masters.
The sole purpose of Akshar Power Yoga is to enhance the human mind,body and spirit through an intricate blend of Various Yogic art forms in order to attain the zenith of human Strength and Power.
Akshar Power Yoga strives to help each...

Akshar Yoga for Corporates

Corporate wellness course
A Research Based Program Designed By Grand Master Akshar for the Culture of Corporates

What does Akshar Yoga Corporate Wellness Course deliver?
Akshar Yoga Corporate Wellness Course is designed to enhance workplace morale, ensure greater team spirit and cooperation...

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