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Akshar Yoga is intricately structured to reach the various constituents of society

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  • Akshar Yoga Therapeutic
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About Akshar

Deep within the mountains of the Himalayan Ranges lies the birth place of Akshar, a true yogic spirit who has been forged and moulded by the oldest lineage of yoga, Kaulantak Peeth. Armed with immaculate knowledge from this pristine source, endowed with the blessings of various spiritual masters and brimming with humble service to Lord Jagannath, Akshar set out on his journey to spread Health, Peace and Happiness to all humanity. This amalgamation of a philanthropic nature and an entrepreneurial drive, led Akshar to spread the knowledge of yoga through 20 Akshar Yoga Academies within India and sister schools in France. Being the Founder, Chairman and Course Director of Akshar Yoga, he has benevolently created and nurtured over 2,50,000 yoga teachers throughout the globe.
He is the founder of The World Yoga Organisation, a charitable trust that connects yoga enthusiasts the world over.
His aspiration to provide holistic health to humanity kindled the conception of “Punya Organics” and “Svaayur” that bestow unadulterated consumer products to the common man. A regular columnist in leading newspapers and magazines throughout India, Akshar has forged a niche for yoga in the scene of accessible healthcare. With his latest endeavors including Flying bird yoga - the aerial yoga and wheel yoga, Akshar has pioneered the metamorphosis of yoga practice to accommodate the mindset of a newer generation of yoga practitioners while maintaining its authenticity. Akshar yoga's ever expanding module is spreading its wings to all new parts of the globe buttressed by Akshar's determination to share the knowledge of yoga to all who seek it.


Begin with Smile

Gratitude Leads You to Unconditional Happiness

My heartfelt obeisance to my Guru and sincere salutation to my Master. I pray for blessings for all from the heavenly Shakti and bow down to all spiritual souls. My humble request to the Lord to give purity to one and all.

My heartfelt obeisance to my Guru and sincere salutation to my Master. I pray for blessings for all from the heavenly Shakti and bow down to all spiritual souls. My humble request to the Lord to give purity to one and all.

Benefits of Akshar Power Yoga - Regular Class


Tone and define your core and arm muscles

Increase your capacity to do more strength-based asanas

Boost your stamina

Increase your capacity to balance and hold asanas for long

Weight Management

Make you lose 3 Kgs within 15 days

Make you come to your healthy weight holistically

 Help you feel light and agile

Burn your flab without leaving any stretch marks

 Reach your targeted weight goal with specialized dietary plans and lifestyle oriented techniques


Make your body more agile

Tone every part of your body to come in the perfect shape

Very beneficial to dancers and athletes

Help you lead to having a body which is eligible for yogic kriyas and meditation

Promotes weight loss

Akshar Yoga Teachers Training Certification Course

The foundation for all Teaching training courses is Akshar Yoga. Our unique program is skillfully planned for serious practitioners of yoga who want to deepen and intensify their practice as well as for those who desire to help others in their search for yoga’s wisdom and rewards.

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Puneeth Rajkumar

Movie Superstar

Firstly I am very happy about Akshar Guruji and his classes. As you all know I got introduced to yoga through my father. In my childhood I was not passionate towards yoga but later ...
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Anil Valluri

President – India & SAARC at NetApp

Me and my family are big fans and supporters of APY. It offers a whole new dimension in bringing together well being, spirituality, social...
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Hi! All I want to say is though I have attended very few classes at Akshar Yoga, its always an enlightening experience everytime I am there. I have met Master Akshar once ...
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Akira Hirano

MD - Hitachi Koki India Private Limited

I have started Yoga class since June 2016, My weight has been lost around 4kg and Cholesterol figures is getting low.(blood test).I feel at peace after ...
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Naina Shetty

Director CSR, Narayana Nethralaya

I Began my Yoga Journey in 2011 at Akshar Yoga Academy. Since then Akshar Yoga has gradually grown on me. I completed my Basic and Intermediate ...
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Bob Coombes

Vice President / General Manager – Nike, India

I wanted to write you a note to thank you for all your hard work and inspiring classes. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in sport for many years ...
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Mr. Vivek Singh

Wing Commander, Air Force

Let me start by putting on record the exhilarating experience at Akshar Yoga Academy. It is a wonderful Academy run with lot of professionalism at the ...
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Hiranmayi Khodhay

Student - Jain University, Bachelor of Business Administration

I’m Hiranmayi and I am studying BBA in Jain University Center  for Management Studies. I first joined Akshar Yoga in July 2013...
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Heal Sinusitis with Yoga

Sinusitis is a widespread condition affecting many in the urban areas. Know more about this ailment and how Yoga asanas and pranayama can help treat it.

Sinusitis, being a lifestyle disease, can be prevented if proper health and environmental conditions....

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10 Easy Yoga Poses That Aid In Weight Loss

Do you know yoga can help you lose weight? Well, yes, as long as you do the poses right, yoga can actually help you get in shape. It will help if you practice under a yoga expert consistently.


Svarga Dvidasana Variation

How to practice:

  • Stand in samasthiti with feet shoulder-distance apart
  • As you exhale, sit into squat position with heels aligned
  • Bring your right arm under right thigh; clasp right wrist....

Yoga, a 5000-year-old practice, still suited for the modern era

The significance of yoga, the oldest healing technique, for the modern world. These five yoga asanas could enhance the inner strength and flexibility.

Upcoming Events

Akshar Yoga Certification Ceremony

Oct 14th, 2017
12:30 PM
Akshar Yoga, Sadashivnagar


Oct 15th, 2017 onwards
6 AM – 8 PM
Akshar Yoga, Malleswaram

Yoga Event for Expats

Oct 22nd , 2017
6 AM – 8 AM
Akshar Yoga, Sadashivnagar

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