It is believed that Hatha Yoga has been passed down in the order of Guru-Disciple succession and that its roots are traced back to Lord Shiva himself who taught the art to Goddess Parvati, so she could become one with her true nature, that of Shakti. Where the word ‘Ha’ represents the male energy or energies of the Sun, the word ‘tha’ represents the feminine or the energies of the Moon. Both these energies are present in every living being and it is through the practice of Hatha Yoga that one balances these energies, prepares the body, and clears the mind for the higher and prolonged practice of meditation. Traditionally, Hatha Yoga is a holistic path which includes discipline, cleansing techniques called shatkriyas, asanas, pranayam, mudras or gestures, and meditation. The two principal texts for Hatha Yoga are Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita.

In today’s world, the practice of Hatha Yoga is primarily focused on the practice of asanas that improve body’s flexibility and sense of balance. Asanas are held for a longer period of time to improve your over-all health and prepare you for pranayam and meditation.

In Akshar Power Yoga classes, we also practice Hatha Yoga Vinyasa to help you improve your postures and increase your level of internal and external awareness and help you experience holistic transformation. We also encourage you to look out for our monthly events where we invite all yogis and yoginis to join us in the practice of mudras and meditation so you can take your practice to the next level!