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Supta Matsyendrasana variation


How to practice

  • Lie on a mat with legs stretched out, thighs, knees, ankles and feet together
  • Bend your right knee and cross leg over the left knee, placing foot flat on the floor
  • Apply gentle pressure to push right knee down towards the floor with your left hand straight on the right knee, keeping head, back and left leg erect, in a straight line
  • Place your right hand down in line with shoulders with palms stretched and fingers pointing out
  • Ensure to keep both shoulders squared and rooted to the floor
  • Your gaze should be relaxed and towards the tips of the right hand
  • Breathe rhythmically and stay in the pose for 30 – 40 seconds
  • Relax and repeat the pose with the other leg to complete one cycle
  • Repeat the cycle 3-4 times


  • It tones and reduces sluggishness of liver, spleen and pancreas
  • Cures gastritis
  • Strengthens intestines
  • Massages the abdominal organs
  • Helps in mobilization of the hamstrings
  • Reduces inflammation and excess calcium deposits eliminating tendency of adjoining vertebrae
  • Asana improves the flexibility of whole body with focus on leg, buttocks and hip muscles
  • Eases the condition of lumbago and muscle spasm
  • Instills the feeling of positivity and releases stress
  • Therapeutic for sciatica
  • Makes spine flexible and strong
  • Stretches the glutes
  • Helps to relieve sprains in the hip region
  • Opens hip joints, which reduces strain on the knees
  • Removes excess fat around the belly
  • Therapeutic for insomnia
  • Recommended for athletes as it stretches the hamstrings

Caution: Yogis with knee injuries, lower back pain and tighter hips should be cautious while performing this asana.

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